Dynamo&Revit : Moving all elements referenced to a level, to a new level

Hey there. Just having a problem finalizing a script and wondering if anyone could add some insight.

I’m trying to move a bunch of equipment referenced to the wrong level to the correct level using dynamo.

I even tried to create a custom node however it still isn’t giving me a response. Perhaps I am using the wrong wording for my output?

I have attached my script and the custom node.

Any insight on a better output or assistance with knowledge or information would be greatly appreciated.

Just an update. still not sure if this is getting any further though - should I maybe turn the node into a code block and then script in python?

You need to use an Element.SetParameterValueByName node. See here for more detail.

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Hi Jacob. Thank you for your response so quickly - I’m getting my head around that post and your response to where it was going, so will alter my script accordingly and hope for the best tomorrow morning - if I’m completely stuck and hitting a limited knowledge brick wall I’ll be back.

Sounds good. Be sure to post images as I may be without a laptop but on my cell for awhile yet. (Stuck flying standby from Heathrow airport)