Get Cost Parameter/Type


I want to get cost parameter from pipe but i cant do it. All pipes cost is 1 but dynamo extract null value. How can i do it ?


You sure these pipes have a cost parameter?
If you want their cost to be 1 you can also simply put a “Count” node after the “Get Type Parameter” node and get the same result.


Actually i want to use cost parameter like this. All pipe types have a cost parameter in revit.


İt doesnt have to be cost parameter. I tried Type Mark parameter but i cant use it with code block.


Maybe the “Type Mark” parameter is a string or something, it might work if you put the 1 between ""s


When i try to write Type Mark parameter in code block get me an error i think because there is space between Type and Mark. I tried Type_Mark in code block it made an error again.


Are you certain it isn’t simply “Mark”.



Maybe this one can help. I’m not sure whats going on here.


I should write Type Mark parameter in code block with input and output value like cost parameter in code block.


Hi @gokhanozhim,

What is your version of Dynamo ?
Is “Get Type Parameter” a custom node ?


Dynamo version is 1.3 yes custom node


Maybe you can try, if this wil work for you.


This works for me


Thanks viktor !


Thank you so much viktor… you made it so easy…