Identity Data Parameters

Hello Everyone!

I’m triing to extract an Identity Data parameter from my elements, but it is not working. My main goal is to fill out the “Description” parameter values with Dynamo, but it won’t find this parameter. Even when i list all of my element parameters from a particular elemets, none of the Identity Data parameters are showing up.

What am I missig here?

Just look for type parameters, you are currently displaying instances parameters

Oh. Yes. Begginner’s mistake. :slight_smile: Thank you! I 'll try it tomorrow morning.

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look a this

Yes. This is what i have done this morning. But i still feel, I’m using some unnecessary twisted logic. My goal is to get the Family Name and Type parameters, merge them, and write this new text to the Description parameter.

Is there a way to simplify my code?
(Don’t worry about the warnings. They are caused by two things.

  • I included built in families
  • The script has already run, so my list, without description is empty)

You should zoom in a little bit until you can read the nodes titles before exporting the view to png (zoom extent does not matter)

Yes, sorry.

This should help you somewhat:

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if you want to go super condensed you can do all of that in a single code block

e.GetCategory + " - " + e.Name

here it is again a bit more step by step in case that didn’t make sense

e = AllElementsofCategory;
ArchiLabTypes = Archilab.Element.Type(e);
TypeParameter = “Description”;
TypeValues = e.GetCategory + " - " + e.Name;

ArchiLabTypes.SetParameterByName ( TypeParameter, TypeValues ) ;

Its worth noting that the Archilab.Element.Type node is used to return the family types, whereas the e.GetCategory & e.Name methods are used to return the family type values that are used to SetParameterByName

If you feed Archilab.Element.Type a list of categories the first index will return correctly e.Name correctly but the following categories will be null

or could also do even more simply

e.Type.SetParameterByName(“Description”,e.GetCategory + " $ " + e.Name);


Good tip! For clarity, here it is in situation:

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Wow! Thats amazing! Thank you very much.
Especially the detailed explanation.:slight_smile:

Why do it mistake ? Could you tell me ?

Is Wombat Dynamo installed on your machine?

Can you also show us the error?