Get Value of Type Parameter?

Hi all… I am just starting to try to learn how to use Dynamo and have read and watched various web tutorials etc. but have hit a problem as soon as trying to test my understanding. I’m not trying to achieve a specific task at this point, I am just experimenting but the first experiment I tried involved trying to get the value of a type parameter which it seems may be difficult to do based on what I have read online.
Is there a straightforward way for me to extract the value of a type parameter or is this just not easily done ?


You can use “Get Type Parameter” from the Archi-lab package:


Hi T_Pover,

I have tried what you suggested and what l thought should work, yet for me it returns no value at all. It should return a value of 1, but instead it returns nothing. Any thoughts?

I have tried below, yet does not return ‘1’. Ridiculous. Instance values, yes, type values apparently no??

Try Element.ElementType after All Elements of Category


Hi Marcel,

A second before your response, l got this to work:

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Which package is this node from?

Element.ElementType is OOTB i think
Element.Type+ is from Clockwork (and also works on linked models)