Get Conduit Network (all connected elements)

Hello, people!

Has anyone ever tried to get a conduit or pipe network (the one that you get hitting TAB a few times over a conduit or pipe) using Dynamo? I’d like to get lists of items connected together.




refer Conduit Run Lengths

This was on a similar topic


Thanks Andrew.
But it seems that they are only talking about conduit runs. And thats only for conduits without fittings. I want to get every conduit, with and without fiitings, and know which of them that are connected to each other.

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Hi Rune,
Are you looking to filter conduits which have fittings?

Hei Kulkul.
Thats not what I’m looking for no.

Here is how I want the function to work.

  1. Get all conduits. This means conduits and conduit fittings. (and with and without fittings)
  2. Find out whitch conduits that are connected to each other.
  3. have a list showing each run/network/connected conduits.

It is number 2 I’m struggling with.

Hei Rune,

I don’t know anything about conduits, but I tried to help someone else in another thread using beams.

(vi kan se på det når jeg er tilbake fra ferie neste uke)

You already got a list of conduits and fittings. What are you struggling with?

No i don’t have the list.
Or I made the list manually. I can offcource manually go over every conduit in the project and do the changes.

I want Dynamo to get all the conduits and conduit fittings in the project and then sort out the ones that are connected.

I’m pretty sure that a ‘run’ is the same as what you are calling a network
i.e a set of connected conduits and fittings. That is what you get when you use the tab key

so in the below, there are 2 ‘networks’- they share the same comments parameter

Run is for conduits without fittings.
If I get all conduit runs I only get the types that are without fittings.

In my project I have mostly conduits with fittings. So its no use.