Select connected elements

If I move my mouse over a wall, cable tray, conduits, ducts and so on, and press TAB I can select all the connected elements.
Can I do so in Dynamo in any way?

what I want to do is to select all the conduits and cable trays that are connected to each other into a list/sublist.

I see someone else has asked about it: Get Conduit Network (all connected elements)

Hei Rune,

See if this works for you, the graph uses “Group Curves” by Archi-Lab to separate the connected groups from each other.

This graph selects all conduits and conduit fittings in a project and groups them into sublists based on if their centerline curves are connected. Archi-Lab package is requried.

###Dynamo file:
groupConduits.dyn (20.2 KB)

###Screenshot of graph:

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Thanks Einar.
I have heard you are a superuser in Dynamo. It does 110% of what I want :slight_smile:

I know this is an old graph from 2016, but I want to use this type of result in another graph I am working on with Dynamo 2.0.2 and Revit 2018.3.
The only difference that I know of with older versions was lacing. I have tried for hours to adjust the lacing for what I think it should be, but things still do not line up.
The problem seems to be back at the List.Equals nodes because they are all showing false.

My purpose of using this is so I can get 1 conduit element from each conduit run to use in another graph to cycle in one run though it at a time. Even with the great nodes that @T_Pover has created, I do not know another way to achieve this.

I attached my graph, but it is basically the same as @Einar_Raknes graph.

groupConduits2.dyn (50.2 KB)

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I think I figured it out using @T_Pover get connected elements node. I was able to get a giant list of connected elements in every combination possible. Sorting it, taking the first and removing duplicates seems to work. Not the most elegant and will need some testing to make sure it works in different scenarios.

Get One Conduit Element From Each Run.dyn (24.5 KB)


Thanks alot for the tip. That worked well. And also, just run “list.unique” to eliminate duplicates.

Very clever, thanks. Suggest to open that DYN in Manual mode. With a large conduit RVT, it takes ages to run.

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