Get list of conduits & fittings from all conduit runs

I have a bunch of conduit runs in a project [24 in the image below]

I can get the elements in the conduit runs if I manually select the start/end of all runs as shown below.

But for larger projects it is not possible to select each start/end conduit manually.

And if I try to take input using the method below, I get repeated conduit runs (list jumps to 668 instead of 142).

Is there a way to just get the start/end of all conduit runs?
Or to get a unique list even after using the All Elements of Category node?

You can find the Revit 2019 file for the runs in the images below
Pipe Runs.rvt (872 KB)

Sadly there is no way to get the conduits from a conduit. I posted an alternative solution here:

Your alternative is much more efficient than the graph that I made for the same.

Thank you. :smile:

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