Get all Conduits that are connected to a list of elements

So i have a list of elements that make part of a given circuit.
I want to get all the conduits that connects to these elements automatically.
Any Tips?
Thanks for your help!

Ok, i think i did not explain my self very well.
My final intention in this routine is to create a way to schedule the wires that are inside of the conduits for a given circuit.
For this, i need to know the path through wich the wires run, so i can assign a parameter for the conduit wich will be multiplied by it’s length.
For instance:

The highlighted path, is the path for the air conditioning system. I need to get these paths automatically.
Thats my intention.
Anybody got any tips?
Thank you all in advance

Another Example here:
This is the path for the lighting fixture/devices circuit

I tryed using the node “Elements in connected network” But it gets all the conduits connected to the switch board and that’s not what i want.

I’ll attach the dyn file i used for this.

Quantificação de Fios.dyn (10.9 KB)

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