Selecting All Conduits and Fittings in Run?

Any way to get all the connected elements in Dynamo like how we can do it in the UI by hovering over one element and hitting Tab?

You can use this as a starting point. The python will get the Ids of the conduit’s run. After that you can sort by key, or use a dictionary or something like that to group it.


I created something that did that once, I think it was this one. It uses a geometrical apporach so for very large files it won’t be super quick.

Well I finally managed to code something up that does the same as hitting Tab in Revit. It checks the element for all its connected elements and does that recursively. I published the node in my package MEPover:


@T_Pover At its best :clap: :+1:

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With that brilliant node, is Conduit Run Category completely useless? Anyone know of a good use for doing anything with Conduit Runs in a project?

I guess the advantage of using conduit without fittings would be that every element already has a parameter to which the run Id is assigned. Much like system names in duct or piping systems.

Easily schedulable lengths for feeders. I used conduit runs to house Feeder information and Lengths.


I used your node as shown in the picture to try selecting an entire run of conduit but the conduit was not selected in my model. Does the node only out a list of connected elements of does it actually select them too?