Geometry Intersects, NurbsCurves and Floor By Outline Errors


So I’ve run into an issue similar to what is described in this thread, where the NurbsCurves created by intersecting planes with a polysurface can’t be used in creating a floor outline. The polycurves created from the nurbscurves throw the first error screenshot below, and the floor outline throws the second error. I’m fairly certain this isn’t a result of the issue described here, as all the Nurbscurves have a degree of 3.
















I’ve tried this solution Zak posted to the previous thread, but I’m unable to get any NurbsCurves to work, only a polycurve, which results in a gross approximation of the geometry.








Are there any other options for creating floors with curves from geometry intersections?


Hello Nick,

Your first solution should work, is it possible for you to share your file, I would like to see in detail what is happening and provide you a workaround.



Good morning everybodies,
Indeed, could you share your file or a JPG!
Actually I have the same issue with the same node so it could be very interesting for me to see how you solved it!
My node is telling me : warning :Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel operation failed.
The multiplicities of other interior knots must be at most degree - 2.
Parameter name: knots
Thank you very much!