Create floors from polycurves issue

Hello everybodies,
I actually would like to create floors and walls from polycurves but I am still in troubles and I don’t find a solution.
Do you know how could I have to proceed to solve this can of issue’s node and extract component in Revit?
Thank you very much.180913%20create%20floors%20from%20polycurves EMI creation floors and walls from polycurves.dyn (24.5 KB)

@miathou what is the error you are getting on the Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel node?


I’ll need some time to look into it, but my first thought is that there are 2 version of the FloorByOutlineTypeAndLevel node. There is one that has an outline input formatted for multiple curves. Could you try replacing the Floor.ByOutline node with the multiple curve version and reporting back the outcome?

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Hello @awilliams,
Like we see,I can generate Floors, but I can’t create components in revit from this dynamo script, because, as you can see the “Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel” node clearly doesn’t work!
This is the issu and I still don’t know how to fix it!:sweat_smile:

Hi Nick,
I tried to replace this node by a the other node with multiple curve version but it still doesn’t work!:disappointed_relieved:
You can look into it!?:wink:

byOutline%20node%20with%20multiple%20curve%20version%20issue EMI creation floors and walls from polycurves.dyn (24.5 KB)

the node telling me : Warning :Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel operation failed.
The multiplicities of other interior knots must be at most degree - 2.
Parameter name: knots
by the way

Miathou, please stops duplicate topics.

Please explain why the solution already provided doesn’t work.

Add your Rhino model to your original post if you want some accurate help.

Rhino model to test rhynamo.3dm (156.4 KB)

You must make an approximation of your rhino nurbscurve.

Creation floors and walls from polycurves V2.dyn (1.2 MB)


Thank you very much Alban!
After draw a serie of polycurves on my spline, extrude this curve and rebuit this shape, I used your script solution… And Tadam… It workes!:blush:
Thank you very much for your Help!
Sorry again to post to much topics.

You’re welcome.
You can change the amount 40 in the codeblock 0..1..#40; if you want more precision. (the segmented walls will be shorter)

Please mark the post 9 as solution to facilitate similar researchs in the future.

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Hello, I am new to dynamo and I have the same problem. I tried your solution and it works, however the floor profile is not matching the building mass that I have imported from rhino. The floor profile are just straight lines that connected to each points whereas I need my floor to be curved following the building mass.

I attached the image of the problem, could you help me out? thank you in advance.

I can only post one image. I also not really sure how to set the parameter for the point at parameter, and how to set the points properly so that it can generate the profiles correctly.

Please start a new topic.

You probably need to increase the amount in the sequence 0..1..#40;

Hi, I started a new topic. and anyway that is what I am also not really sure about. I am not certain on how to properly increase the sequence.

Try increasing the Number After #.
0…1…#40 in a code block Will create a list of 40 valido equally spaced between 0 and 1. If you type 0…1…#100 you Will get 100points, so more precision but more work for your pc