Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel node issue


This node is telling me “Warning:Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel operation failed.
The multiplicities of other interior knots must be at most degree - 2.
Parameter name: knots”
I saw this issue several times but I still don’t understand the meaning and what I have to do!
What is the tips to solve that please?:wink:
Thank you very much!!
ByOutlineTypeAndLevel%20node%20is180912rhino rhynamo dynamo version 1…dyn (29.4 KB)

Create floors from polycurves issue

Hi @miathou,

I usually resolve this kind of error like this :

I approximate the nurbscurve of Degree 3 in Degree 2.
Hope that makes sense.


Thank you Alban!:blush:
First question : how do you think I could I integrate this part in “my script”?
Second question : Don’t you think that this issue is in the link with the “Level.ByElevation” node because when I disconnect this two nodes and run the “Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel” node is not yello?
thank you for your feedback!:wink:


You can add this part after the node Geometry.IntersectAll.

There are maybe other errors so I don’t know if your graph will work after that.

A priori, the error with the knots at degree - 2 should disappear.
Let me know if it works.


But in a code block you don’t have an input you just have an output that’s why I Told you that! hihhi::sweat_smile:


So the solution could be to make an approximation of the nurbscurves.
My previous proposal works can’t work on closed nurbscurve.

See this topic :