Floor by outline error (closed loop)

I keep getting the following error
_"Warning: Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel operation failed. _
The curves do not form a closed contiguous loop.
Parameter name: curve"

however according to the image below the curve is closed…

does anyone know why this is happening?

@Tom_Denby is your polycurve planar ?

if by planar you mean all the Z values are at the same level. yes, z = 0

What is the error message ?

Upload your Revit file (or the curves only), so we can look at it.

@Francisco_Farias… here you go… FloorFromCuves.dyn (4.6 KB)
curves.rvt (1.3 MB)

Hey @Tom_Denby:slight_smile:

Im not sure why it isnt picking up the polycurve as closed. Could be to do with the number of segments maybe.
But you can just add on the “Polycurve.CloseWithLine” node to the output of the polycurve and carry on from there:

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cheers for that seemed to do the trick.

hope things are going well !