Generative Design Window does not open on Dynamo

Hi all,

I am using Revit 2021 Educational License. I am doing research on Generative Design but because of my license type, I can only access Generative Design through Dynamo.

I have tried this on the computers of my campus lab and the function works fine. However, on my personal laptop, when I click on Generative Design > Create Study, the Create Study Window does not open. When I try to do it again, the options for Create Study and Explore Outcomes are now greyed out. I am also unable to run any Dynamo scripts at this point.

Opening my Task Manager, I noticed that Generative Design is running even if I am unable to see the Window.

For some additional information, I installed the latest Generative Design v21.16.10 from Autodesk but there was no change. My Generative Design software package was installed on my D: drive and not my C: drive, not sure if that makes any difference.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?


D drive is likely an issue, but before you go about moving stuff around see if it shows up when you first minimize everything (windows key + d), and look for GD in the menu that shows up when you hit alt+tab. If it does hit alt+space, m, any arrow key, then move the mouse and GD should be pulled to your mouse.

FYI @nate.peters

Hi Jacob,

Thanks for your reply!

No bueno, I can’t find the window for GD at all.

How do I go moving the GD package to C drive? I tried uninstalling and reinstalling GD but there was no prompt on where I want the package to be installed and it ended up in D drive again.

@Haziq_J Is your Windows Program Files directory remapped to the D drive intentionally? The Dynamo extension for Generative Design is going to look for the GD application in the main Program Files location, which usually would be C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AECGenerativeDesign\. Depending on how your computer is set up, we might still be looking there instead of the D drive.

Can you also let me know where exactly you see the AECGenerativeDesign program files installed on your computer?

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Is your Windows Program Files directory remapped to the D drive intentionally?

@nate.peters I am not too sure about this, but I did pick D drive to install the additional packages during Revit 2021 installation to save space on my C drive.

This is the exact location of the GD right now
D:\Program Files\Autodesk\AECGenerativeDesign\GenerativeDesignClient