Generative Design Access


I had used generative design in 2021 for my class. I tried using it again for class, and everyone is having issues. In particular, the 2023 revit is saying generative design is not available (we have a network license for the education autodesk suites).

I went back to 2021 version, and this gives the same error… even though I used it previously.

Then based on this link I try to get the hotfix Unable to load Generative Design within Dynamo for Revit | Revit 2021 | Autodesk Knowledge Network but there is no link to the hotfix.

This link has a different hotfix, but wasn’t pointing to a file and instead goes to a page that doesn’t contain it.

Then we tried using dynamo, but there is no generative design tab in it.

I tried installing/opening dynamo on the old setup and get an error (although this is one of many)


Is there any up to date installation guide? (everything seems to refer to 2021).

Might want to submit a ticket to support via Manage.Autodesk.Com as this feels like a licensing issue.

I think there was a bug in older versions where the certificate expired at some point - what error do you see in 2023?

In dynamo 2023, now when I try to follow the tutorials, it says a bunch of packages are missing. When I try to install it gives errors or just says its already installed.

This doesn’t work Office Layout - Generative Design Primer

and this gives a bunch of red nodes saying custom nodes don’t exist