Generative design window disappear

Hi everyone, I really need some help! I was running some optimization scenarios using generative design in Dynamo for last 3 days, everything was working well but now when I try to open the “Create study” or “Explore results” window it shows for a few seconds and then disappears. I can not even access to my previous results. I have a deadline and have no idea what to do!!!

@Negar.s can you share what version of Revit or Generative design you are using? There are a couple of options depending on the version

Hi Craig,
Thanks for your reply. To answer your question, the version for Dynamo Core is “”, and for Dynamo Revit “”.
I was able to solve the problem by removing some old files from Refinery folder, my guess it was a kind of memory crash! However, I would like to know about the other possibilities that you are aware of. Thanks