Generative Design study - problems


I would like to ask you for some advice.

I created a graph to optimize room and workstation placement in an office, considering different goals. It works, but I encountered some problems when I run the Generative Design. The GD study doesn’t run or it is stuck on a 1/10 solution.

I have already tested the graph, which contains only the room placement and the Generative Design works well. The graph which places the workstation works also well in the Generative Design.

The problem is when I put them together in one graph.

It is quite huge and I guess it could be too complex for the GD study.

From your experience, can huge graphs create some problems with GD?

I could optimize my graph by replacing some parts with Python, but first I have to improve my python skills :blush:

Do you have any advice on what I could do to run both algorithms in one graph?

Many thanks for your support!

Best regards,


It’s definitely possible but hard to say exactly without knowing the specifics of your graph. It’s more likely that you have a unique case where something in the graph breaks. Check and make sure there’s no scenario where an input or combination of inputs results in a null or non-real number that would break the rest of the graph.

If that doesn’t seem to be the case you can post a screenshot of the graph running correctly (be sure to include node preview bubbles so we can see the data) and an explanation of your inputs and general process.

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Have you tried running it on random with just 4-5 solutions?


Hi Alien,

I tried the randomization with 4 solution. I got 2 solutions other 2 are stuck…

When I run 6 random solutions, only one is not completed…

It seems the GD stucks…

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Do the “stuck” solutions show any input, output, or property data when you select them? Usually, if GD can’t solve the given solution or it gets in a loop, it won’t return a solution because one hasn’t completed. The fact that it’s giving you solutions, especially two in the first case, makes me think that you may just be missing geometry from those solutions. That would again point to scenarios where the logic is valid but the inputs lead to a null or unsolvable resolution.

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Hi Nick,

thank you!!! I will check it!