Generative design optimize method is taking too long

Greetings Dynamo People :D, I am trying to use generative design to generate 12 solids with the minimum intersection, each solid has a minimum width of 1 and max 2.5 but when i run the study using optimize method, the generative design seems to be stuck and will take forever to produce just 10 solutions for 12 solids. only I get the results when using the randomized method but the results are not accurate

any suggestion on how to run this study on the optimize method? or why it is failing
Thanks alot

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Can you post the dyn?

Sure Jacob, here it is
Testing script.dyn (106.3 KB)

Looking it over now, there isn’t anything serialized into the Remember node, so we’d have to have the RVT file as well. Can you either save the graph with data in the Remember node, or provide a sample Revit file?

oh my bad, ok please find the link for the Revit file

Thank you jacob

Graph runs quite quickly for me, even in a 100x100 study (overkill for this scope). What are the settings you’re using for generation and population?

Nevermind I see it was a 20x10… do you have other studies which are trying ot work concurrently? That is if you start GD are you seeing more than one study with a pinwheel (not a red X or green check) in the browser?

when I set the study to 20x10 only one study was generated but when I changed the generation number to 148 it gave me 50 but identical bt my still taking too much time and it is a very simple file

and no all of my previous studies were completed

i am running this study now with the following setting below and it is still not generating any solution after 10 min

Hmmm… I am not running slow at all. Can you post your refinery-server-log.txt file from %appdata%/generativedesign ?

I found that when I set t any value to the constraint it won’t work otherwise it runs but slowly
refinery-server-log.txt (767.7 KB)