Room Separator Lines from Generic Model Room imported by Ifc (Allplan), alternative convert generic elements to rooms

I have the problem that rooms from an Ifc arcitecture model are generic model element in revit. so i am lookin for a way to convert this generic elements to revit rooms. maybe anyone can help me? thanks a lot

maybe sort out the import settings for IFC

set it to rooms

tried already. the problem is, that allplan doors are not recognised as room bounding. so it is neccesarry to add separator lines to get closed room. for me it seems the best solution to convert the generic elements (which have size of rooms) to separator lines and then place rooms.

Maybe you can import room bounding and try to generate rooms with MEpower?

Try this:

  1. take the solids
  2. Get the faces (element.faces)
  3. Get the face normals as parameter 0.5,0.5
  4. filter out sirfaces which have a z component greater than that of a surface with a slope of 1:12 (or whatever building code scope for ramp is in your jurisdiction). Basically the normals should have Z components which are all be negative numbers close to -1.
  5. With the remaining surfaces, get the perimeter curves and pull them onto the plane of the level
  6. create room separation lines by these curves
  7. an added bonus: for each surface from step 4, draw an isocurve at parameter 0.5, intersect the curves with the surface, take the first isocurve from each sub-list and get the point at parameter 0.5. This will be a point in the bounds of the room (even if a donut or other odd shape), which can serve as the location point for your room element.