Space Separation Lines and sketch planes


I’ve got this dynamo script below and its nearly working.

it takes the walls from a linked file and creates space separation lines, from the walls.

but its projecting them at level 00, and not the level that they originate from.

this is causing issues with the MEP spaces at level 00, and im not seeing the lines at level 01.


what i want to do is push the 2 lines on the Upper floor to a level 01 Sketch Plane, so they don’t affect the Level 00 spaces and work only with the space on level 01.

i realise its this part that is causing it… but has anyone got an idea how i can fix it?


alternatively i was thinking i could filter the walls to a level, and work though the levels one by one.

hope someone can help me…

thank you in advance!


Space Seperators from walls.dyn (14.7 KB)

Revit Files in dropbox link.

Hi @Cosgrovedt , you could create a dictionary that will return the level element based on the curves’ z values like so:

This way you are supplying a plane/view for each curve, based on the level corresponding with the curves’ z value


thank you soo much for your help @awilliams,

i was missing the level.views at first, but updated some packages and there it was.

and took me a while no notice the lacing on the final node, but all working now.

need to try it out on a large project now.

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