Convert a solid geometry in dynamo to an element in Revit

Hi All,

I’m a new user of dynamo, and I am still lost with the use of some node and especially “FamilyType.ByGeometry

In fact, I designed my solid script but I’m stuck in the step how to convert it to a usable element under Revit…I read some post about the topic in the forum and I could understand that it is necessary to use the node called “FamilyType.ByGeometry” and I followed the steps to create it but I am lost on its correct use and especially for the sub nodes "templatPath and “material” (see image bellow for more detail)

Please check my attached file bellow to see what’s wrong

Chateau_1000m3.dyn (29.7 KB)


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@REDO10 ,

i go the way via creating a .sat file and than import it

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I see three questions I can provide some insight to.

  1. What do I use for the file path?
    The path should be the path to the Family Template you are using (the .rfa file).
  2. Where does the family save?
    It does not get saved to disc, but is loaded into the project, and should show up in your project browser.
  3. What does the ‘material does not exist in this document’ error occur?
    The name you provided doesn’t relate to a material in your current Revit file, and as such nothing is found. To resolve try a name which you know is your file - typically “Default” works most commonly when the UI is set to English.
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When creating the Family Type and the Family indirectly (as no location point is ever mentioned during creation)
The Node creates a “Virtual” boundingbox by taking as a reference point the minimum (of X Y Z)
It’s always like that?