Create Solid of Elements

im trying to create a solid of two elements in a revit family. There’s a button in Revit so you can do it manually (Create Form), but i need to do this with dynamo. I tried every kind of solid node, but it doesn’t work. Functions like Solid.By.Loft need curves as input and you cant use it with elements. Is there a way to convert an element to a curve?
I created the elements in a seperate family and placed them in a second family with dynamo to create a solid.

Try adding an Element.Geometry node before you try and loft the elements.

Thank you for your answer. I tried this node but it doesnt work. It says “cannot create solid, curves are not closed”. The reason for this is, that the output of element.geometry are just the single lines of the element. Is there a way to create a closed curve of these lines?

I found a way based on your answer, thank you!

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