Forum issue

I do not receive emails about following comments even when the “notify me of follow up comments” is check on.

There is link to go back to “discussion portion of the blog”. I find myself often just clicking on the Dynamo logo to go to home page and then click on Discuss button again. I think there should be a quick link to Forum page.

Posting code into comments box is resulting in some strange formatting sometimes. That’s probably just me, but it would be nice to have some code formatting similar to github where you can specify what code is being used: python “code”


Hello Konrad K Sobon,

Thanks for the valuable suggestion, we will definitely want to enhance our forum page to make user friendly and to have more options.

I will inform our designer to do this changes.



Ritesh, talking about enhancing the forum, a own section for presenting user workflows were valuable.

i sometimes think i would love to present one of my workflows and maybe discuss it with other users.

the standard qa forum doesn’t seem to be the right place for that.

thanks peter

I’ve attempted twice to start a new thread…are new threads monitored waiting for approval? I started the same thread twice, don’t want to try a third time if they are waiting for approval…sorry to write here…but not sure where I can get this clarification…thanks!