Folding tessellations - Adaptive revit facade pattern


I have been working with rigid origami patterns in architecture. For last 2 weeks I have been struggling with making my ideas in revit. Maybe someone can suggest work around my problems.

So I am trying to make Tessellation pattern for facades. Software by (Tomohiro Tachi_freeform origami)

That would respond to sun script (aim would be to shade one tessellation surface during summer months that would hold window)

ZigZag surface pattern in revit are constructed by rotating next row therefore it is not possible to use it for adaptive component placement

Most of time I was working with paper and now when I am trying to put it in revit I started to struggle

If I could manage to make adaptive component I could make something similar to Jeremy Roh designed kinetic facade

Any suggestions? Ideas?

rigid origami

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ZigZag pattern with adaptive family (PROBLEM with component rotation)

@sveisbergs We have discuss similar topics here:

Well I cant really see how it could help me to create seamless facade (with out gaps) constructed from adaptive components that each correspond sun parameters.

Basically similar to this just each units form corresponds to sun!Avpj-jo1A-hkhJV5pc4hb0fxQnzMvg

@sveisbergs Above links references is for rotating adaptive component.[quote=“sveisbergs, post:4, topic:7516”]
ZigZag pattern with adaptive family (PROBLEM with component rotation)

Hello Sveuisbergs,

I wish to create something similar to this in Dynamo. Could you please point me in the direction of a tutroial to create such forms if you know of one. I can’t see anything else quite like it on the forum…



I eventually made my design with our dynamo
I was using this video author Zach Kron and surface pattern with Hexagon - on that I builded family with two elements

I guess with dynamo it would be more controllable. And it seamed easier work in Rhino as well.

best of luck