Family orientation perpendicular to surface

Hi there!

I’m currently working on a relatively simple facade to attach to my building.

I’ve created a continuous surface that surrounds the building and I’ve used LunchBox Diamond panel to subdivide the surface and collect the points of the surface.

The adaptive family I have is a panel pattern based family. A simple square with a bubble effect on the panel that rises at the center point.

The problem I have encountered is the center point that rises on the Z axis only successfully worked on two faces on the surface.

Note: if I create an in place massing and subdivide the surface to the panel pattern family, the orientation is correct on all faces. However, it diminishes the design intent.

For example: given a box, the left (east) and right (west) face of the box have worked correctly with the bubble going outward away from the building. However the bottom (south) and top (north) come out to be flat, no bubble. I believe the bubble is still “occurring” but the bubble is going parallel with the face, making the panel flat to that face.

I believe the issue is the orientation of this family not being placed perpendicular to the surface.

Is there a work around in Dynamo to implement an orientation path so the each panel bubble is going outward and perpendicular to the surface of its placement?

Appreciate your time


Some project shots to help illustrate. The facade you are seeing is the East facade. You can see the North and South facade not “bubbling” in correct direction.

Ps: Excuse some of my modeling mishaps. I forgot to unhide some elements from my Revit model before exporting to Lumion.