Floor.slabshapebypoints - Failing

I am sure i am missing a silly step in between. Can someone help me out. Got stuck for hours.

the above image is where i have modeled a floor with equal elevation points on all sides.
In dynamo script i am changing the elevation values by adding 1500 on all 4 corner points.

Yet the slab is not modifying its shape.

I think your input for Floor should be a floortype, not an element.
Try Element.ElementType between select model element and Floor.SlabByPoints

The result is the same. no modifications.

Hi @gideonkarthik if you are in 2023-2024 then make sure you have dynamoironpython package 2.7 installed…it looks like clockworks floor slab note and it needs python 2.7 package…does it work with ootb nodes…


I guess, i am on the right package as well in dynamo .

while editing the node of clockwork- floor.slabshapebypoints:
This is the version of python script i get:

Is your clockwork package updated to 2.4…and does it work with ootb node ?

clockwork package is upto date.

seems no issues with ootb nodes as well…
but this time floor.add points is working.


Nice it could work…just in case do you have bakery installed ?

nope. do i need to install that?

noooo :wink: it gives conflict with clockwork, thats why i ask :wink:

Had a similar conflicting scenario when loading cheapwine. Got it. still wondering why slab.shapebypoints not working. but i have this floor.addpoints node in handy now.

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Yes think you had a conflict with some other package…you could try remove them until you find the issue

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