Only selected floors? | Floor.SlabShapebyPoints

Hello all,

I am trying to figure out a work around for the Floor.SlabShapebyPoints node where the only way for the node to be successful is when the floor is manually created and selected. This person has the exact same issue I am having, down to the exact same nodes. Sadly, she did not elaborate on her solution.

[Floor.SlabShapeByPoints trivial problem - Revit - Dynamo ( ]

From experimenting with the node, it seems like it only expects a manually created floor. I have tried using end and start nodes to no avail. I have had this work only once, so I know its possible. Does anyone have any ideas?


Doesn’t Work:

Have you tried the transaction.end and transaction.start nodes on the floor wire right before the last node and also combine a wait.for (passthrough) node on the points from the topo?

Also, can you share the outputs from both sides as it may also be a list / lacing issue.

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yes as Sean say :wink: or probably a passtrough :wink:

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