Clockwork Floor.SlabShapeByPoints isn't taking in multiple floors

Hello Dynamo Community,

The node “Floor.SlabShapeByPoints” has an input for an array of floors, however, when I send in more then one slab which aligns with my points it will not deform them. If I send them in one at a time it works. Has anyone had any luck sending in more then one slab? Below is my simple set up should I have a loop or something to iterate through the list to send them in.

Thank you.

You might try setting lacing to longest on the node.

I thought that might have worked but it didn’t.

Typically the cause of the failure is the order of the objects - in your case slabs. Ive not tested the node you’re using but certainly the case for creating shafts which is why I’d suggest checking. Order them by their elevation and see if that works

Thank you Thomas and John. I will try to organize my points, slab and lace long. I think this my work.