Clockwork - Slab.Shape.By.Points Failure


I am quite new to Revit`s Dynamo. I’ve been using Clockwork’s Floor.SlabShapeByPoints to model the street and sidewalks of our project’s surroundings, and so far, for fairly big complex shapes, the only problem I’ve encountered was that in would sometimes take som 10-20 mins to load the new shape. For this one though I can’t seem to troubleshoot what’s not alowing the Slab’s new shape to be mantained. I’ve checked all limits and possible overlappings with other subregions and everything looks clear. Can anyone work out what is happening to this one in particular? I can also attach a file with the topography and slab I’m working by email or so.

Thank you all in advance!


did you ever find a solution to the problem? I Have the same error message.