Floor by Outline

Last night I tried to explore the floor by outline node, but always get an error.

"the edge list provided does not have an adequate number of edges to create a floor!

I created 4 curves “Autodesk.Revit.DB.Line” where startpoint - endpoint coincide and form, a perfect rectangle.

floor type and level are ok.

what is my mistake ???


Peter, just a thought: Have you tried flattening the list completely before passing it to the node?

Andreas thank you for your advice. Flattenig lists … this node didn’t make it into my memory yet!

The result is … the next error:

“Could not construct a proper face with the input curves to create a floor correctly.”

as you can see:

  • the 3d view shows a perfect rectangle
  • startpoints are 1, 2, 3, 4
  • endpoints are a, b, c, d
  • boundary lines are 1-a, 2-b, 3-c, 4-d
  • boundary lines turn counterclockwise
what is the remaining problem? any clue?


Strange. I tried two different methods of making a rectangle and both of them work. Here is my graph, maybe that helps.


I have a suspicion that the lacing of your nodes is doing something funny and is mismatching the end points of your curves. But then again the curves do form… Tricky situation, definitely.

andreas, there are odd things going on!

as you can see, i rebuilt your definition. same error!

I tried it using revit 2014 with dynamo 6.3 release.

I also tried it with dynamo 0.7 from .06.04.

again the messages?

iam clueless!!!

@ dimitar: seems to be very tricky

-> here is the definition: andreas-nachbau6.3

I managed to do it with a regular floor type.

check your floor type. the structural one did not work on 2013 and I also had to change the Lines through points node but the rest worked

see attached



thank you!!!

the only thing i didn’t check was the floor-type itself, just used the first popping up!

did cost me some hours… but improved my dynamo and my python skills!

I owe you one!


Interesting. Maybe worth filing a support request for structural floors on GitHub.

How do you distinguish between “Structural” and “Architectural” floors?

In the building suite version there’s a structural tag for each floor instance. Not sure how it is with non BS versions of Revit.

The tag:


There’s also the option to define the layers in a floor as structural:


I made two floor types. One had only a structural layer, the other all other layers. It works for me in both cases, however the "Structural"tag is automatically untagged upon creation without getting any errors. So I am not entirely sure if the floor type is the issue here.








*to precise which one works and which one doesn’t.

this one doesn’t but shows up in the floor types list. it is a fondation slab / radier in Fr



Thank you for finding the problem with structural floor types. I’ve filed an internal bug report.