Can't create floor by surface

Hello everyone. I’m new at Dynamo, I was doing an exercise modelling The Gerkin when I had a problem trying to make floors by the surface. I use Floor.ByOutlineTypeandLevel but it doesn’t work. The error message: Aviso: Floor. Falha na operação ByOutlineTypeAndLevel.
PolyCurves may be branching.

Can anybody help me?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Are you trying to model floors that follow the surface of geometry?


Is it possible for you to share the exercise example you are following?

Are you sure you’re connecting the Floor.ByOutlineTypeandLevel node to the right place?

It looks like you’re lofting a series of circles offset vertically, and trying to use the outlines from the panels generated on that vertical curved surface to make your floors, which doesn’t make much sense to me.

I would imagine you’d want to use those original circles or something similar to make your floors.

you don’t have to flatten the curves before the node. As it, you are trying to create a single floor with about 1k curves of boundary. I think it is not that you want to do :slight_smile: try connecting the node before flatten, nested lists are ok