Trying to create an instance of floors by outline (Floor type library/catalogue)

Hi guys,

I have been trying to create catalogue of all floor types in a project. My initial idea was to create a number of point and rectangles based on the number of floor types, then use the outline of the rectangles to place a floor type on each rectangle. The first problem I ran into was creating multiple rectangles and placing them on an origin point. To make it easier on myself I ditched the rectangle and used a circle as that can be placed by point. The problem with that is that “Floor by outline type and level” node does not like the circle as a curve outline… So I created a 4 sided polygon within the circle and that seemed to work ok, except that it only works with lacing set to shortest…So if I have 10 floor types, I can create 10 points, place 10 circles with polygons on the points, but “Floor by outline type and level” node does not recognise the 10 polygons as curves. If I set the lacing to shortest it works, but only creates 1 circle/polygon and places all of my floortypes on that one point… I’m sure I’m missing something super simple, but I can’t really see it for myself at this point.


Thanks Marcel, I will give it a try and see what happens.

However, In the meantime I have actually managed to solve it by adding a polycurve.curves node to the end of the outline sequence, and now it works exactly as I wanted it to…

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