Creating Floors(or other Revit Element) from outline curves

I’m trying to create floors from the surfaces generated by the dynamo graph. Ideally, I would have used Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel but the component requires a levels input and I don’t want to create a level for each of those surfaces.

I doesn’t really have to be a floor, but could be anything as long as I can make it appear in revit and I could later change its materials and they would schedule properly. I’ve already checked Revit>Elements by I couldn’t find anything.

Also, if I am to use ‘Floor.ByOutlineTypeAndLevel’, I have no idea what/how to input into ‘floorType’.

Thanks in advance! Be back in about 8 hrs.

Nevermind, just found out Floor.ByOutline is fine. I though use that node would create the floors on only that level. Apparently, revit automatically places the offset.

Is this the solution to your question? You should post a follow up with your final script and an explanation for other users to see if they search this forum in the future when seeking the same results that you were when you created this post :slight_smile:

Just a simple script that Projects the QUADS onto a level surface suitable for use as a floor.

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