Floor by outline, type, and level

I want to create a workflow to create floors from room outline. Only problem I have is how to give it “Height Offset By Level”. This we can give when we are creating the floors manually. Is there a node/ way so that we can also give this offset from the level?
Attached is what I mad just for creating the floors by room outline , level and type- which is working OK.floor by room extent.dyn (29.8 KB)

It’s a Properrty so you can use the Set Paremeter Value for that

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OK. Thanks for the inputs. Do you mean that first I create the floors, and then select them and change parameters? Selecting all newly created floors will be changeling.

You get them from the output list of the floorcreation, you do it in the same go :slight_smile:

OK. Thanks a lot.:smile:

This works. floor by room extent.dyn (34.7 KB)
Now I am trying to do it so that the floors are made on respective level where the room is. Some error is coming. Could you just check this out?floor by room extent on respective level.dyn (20.4 KB)
and this is the error.

Some inputs are wrong, can you show the levels and expand the polycurve please?

Hey… I got it to work. Basically I had to call the levels from the selected level names.