How to create Floors on Multiple Levels from Detail Lines

This is a slight variation to an earlier post to enable creating Floors on all Levels from Rooms, I was looking at the same problem but using a detail outline in plan to create a floor plate across multiple levels without success. I have tried the solutions presented by Vikram and Kulkul with no success.It creates a floor on the first level but not on the other levels.

I have tried a few different List-Combine methods but I seem to be not getting it, any help where I’m off track would again be appreciated.

Detail_Lines2Floor.dyn (25.2 KB)
RoomFloorLevel_Test.dyn (13.6 KB)

Detail_2_Floor.rvt (1.2 MB)

So, just to make sure;
You are trying to create floors in your rooms, but you are using detail lines you have drawn in Revit as the boundary?

@RLietz Try this Detail_Lines2Floor(ForRL).dyn (20.2 KB) should work for you.


@Kulkul you are so cooooool!!!
Can you help me with my problem?:mahjong:

@shrevit Sure! Check my answer Floor type does not match the room name.?

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Thanks again Kulkul, there is real beauty in a minimalist approach, I had thought I had tried that wiring but obliviously not. In answer to Alisder_Brown, no I was specifically looking to generate the floors from an outline. And to re-iterate shrevit, Kulkul you are very cooooool!! and deserve your title.

@Kulkul, how about if the details lines drawn in revit contain some curves?