Floor by Level

I,m trying to create floors from coordinates in an excel sheet. I manage to make the floor from my points, but as you can see from the picture. All floors end up on Level 1 but with an offset, Level 2 get an offset of -3000 etc. I can’t understand why this is happening?

Thank you,

Outline curves dont seem correct. If you have a rectangular then convert them to polycurves. Connect that polycurve to the node.

But the floors is created as intended, the problem is that the “stack up” in the first floor with an offset? I uploaded the .dyn and excel file as well.

IVegger.dyn (125.2 KB) Vegger.xlsx (11.8 KB)

Your outline curves determine location; I believe that includes the Z axis. Try offsetting the outline curves for each level.

Yes, thats it! Thank you very much Nick!