Fire Rating Lines with Offset

Fire Rating Script-by level.dyn (50.5 KB)

Good day fellow Dynamo users,

To make the script useble for our workflow, I have modified the script so it will place the lines by level.
Now I only need the lines to be placed with an offset next to the walls, but I can’t seem to make that happen.
It would be of great help if someone could help me in the right direction.

Link to the original script:

Did you try to insert a Curve.Offset node at the end of the graph between Element.GetLocation and FamilyInstance.ByLine?


Yes that’s almost it. I doesn’t work if the Curve.Offset is placed into the FamilyInstance.ByLine.
I need a node to make a line out of it first, like the Line.ByTangency…

Looking at your screenshot made me think of this:

You could probably get more consequent results by offsetting polycurves and then exploding them, but I don’t know if they would easily stay linked to the walls.
Another solution would be to offset in both directions and to filter by contaiment test (just an idea)…

For some reason does this not work either.

I got it working now, thanks for your help Yna_Db.

Glad you found what you need :slight_smile:

@Wouter I am trying to use a version of this at my office and I have one question for you: How does this script determine which view to place the lines in and is it possible to allow the user to select the view?

In testing, it seems to always place the lines on the view that has the same name as the level that the lines are associated with. At my company we have a separate plan for Code drawings and my goal would be to place the lines on that view and not the floor plan view. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

can you share the final script?
Thanks in advance