FamilyInstances.ByLine - How to associate to specific view?

I am currently using a version of a script found here:

Everything is working well except for one thing: The detail items placed by the script are automatically placed on a view. From my testing, it is placing the objects on a view that has the same name as the level.

I am curious if anyone has knowledge of how FamilyInstances.ByLine can be pointed to create the objects on a specific view rather than automatically selecting one. The end goal is to have the Detail Items be placed on Code Diagram First Floor (plan) rather than First Floor Plan (our level in this case is called First Floor Plan).

DetailComponent.ByCurve in the package Clockwork will let you choose the view


Thanks, as always.

The script seems to be working up until the DetailComponent.ByCurve. Do I have to convert the line data so that the curve input can read it correctly? Or are these nulls possibly coming up due to the familyinstances.byline reading the data differently?

Hmm, I’m not certain - what is your Dictionary.GetValueFromDictionary outputting? If you’re certain its family types, upload your RFA and I can test

EDIT: oops, sorry, it looks as though you just need to change the lacing to longest :slight_smile:


This may be a stupid question but which node do I need to change to longest? The Element.GetLocation? Or do I need to change others to longest as well?

Here is the family I am using and the script I am using (with both Element.GetLocation and Dictionary.GetValueFromDictionary set to Longest). I am still receiving Null in the final node.

Fire Rating Script-by level3.dyn (41.3 KB)
$VAA_DTL_Fire Rating.rfa (256 KB)

@rdeardorff Sorry for not clarifying! Lacing at Longest on the DetailComponent.ByCurve node should work - if that doesn’t do it I will have a look at your files


Switching the final node to Longest did create additional info but the families were left as “empty”.

I then changed the familyType input to read level 1 and now it works. It needed both changes.

Thanks again!!