Need help developing a script

Fixed some flattens, and we have success (on my end)

try this file
Fire Rating Script-modified.dyn (45.4 KB)

Worked on my end too for the most part. It looks like the 3HR smoke wall is not getting a line and the 0 hr non smoke partion is getting the 3hr smoke line

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Glad to hear it! Congrats on working through this pretty cool workflow! :slight_smile:

See my previous post. It looks like it is trying to apply 8 lines to 9 walls, how can I filter out the non rated, non smoke partition. Thanks again


Looks like I got the selection filtering figured out so that the non-rated non-smoke do not get a family.

New question how can I delete all instances of those line based detail components from the view prior to running the rest of the script

@dpohlman New Question = New Topic.


Do you also have a workflow for my proposal mentioned above?
Cause i still believe its more of a BIM approach.
Will post my “first go at this” graph tomorrow

Thanks in advance,


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So delete the ones previously created? Should be able to.

I went from having a script that only worked on Level 1, to now only working on Levels other than 1. It gets all of the correct values it just wont place the families.

Can someone take a look and see what is going wrong with level 1, it looks like everything is going fine until the last step.Fire Rating Script-modified-new 2.dyn (48.6 KB)
Active View Walls at Plan View Level.dyf (15.3 KB)

I cannot upload the actual revit file that I am dealing with. It is too large and this is a really paired down version.

The 2 scripts I attached are for the script and a custom node that I wrote from the Architect’s Desktop.

I can email the files upon request. Thanks

Why can’t you upload the file to google drive and then change the share permissions to whoever has access to the link and then post the link? Surely its not larger than 50MB? I also would be aware of your firms legal perspective before putting actual revit files on the internet for anyone to see.

hi @dpohlman, @john_pierson and whom might be interested :slight_smile:

Just a hint, you actually dont need to use ‘Element.Type’ from Clockwork or Archilab, just use lacing (Cross Product). It is a small thing but nevertheless :slight_smile:

I havent used google drive, I have purged everything out of the file related to the firm, it is not an actual project, it is a test file, but the parameters are the same as what is in our actual files.

erafjo,that is not that part that is not functioning, I really just need a functioning script for all levels, I can clean it up afterwards

Here is the link to my test file

It was only a small hint on using as most builtin nodes as possible, lacing and levels is in that sense rather overlooked…
According your problem with levels… I use a different approch dealing with levels.
The below takes all level and sort them by elevation (I need that for coding the location), then I filter out all levels which are not marked as ‘building story’… many users spam a model file with levels there never should have been levels but refrence plans :slight_smile:

I am currently grabbing the level of the current view, and this is returning the correct value, the issue is why the detail components are not being placed on level 1. I am fairly new to dynamo and I am not sure what your script is intending to do and how it will help me.

with all respect, users create levels which never should have been levels… and I prefer to use graphs not depending on a specific view if I can avoid it. As I read your problem, you need all levels. the above will give you all levels in a list.

You then need to get all elements, many can be collects by ‘All Elements at level’, BUT this will not give you all elements. That subject is a new issue, if you need to dive into this.

In your case looking like this

but if you prefer to collect only the walls then could it also be done like this. This is not sorted according to elevation or if it is a ‘building story’ of not!

I have tried to implement the described methods in your file… could this work?
Fire Rating Script-modified-new 2.dyn (99.9 KB)


I understand that there may be more efficient ways of handling this situation, however I have a functioning script, just not for all levels. Your way may solve this, but I do still do not understand what you are getting at. I would rather focus on figuring out why it works on some levels and not others.

well if the graph from @john_pierson worked, then it shouldnt be that difficult to add my solution for levels.
Fire Rating Script-modified.dyn (51.4 KB)

I have now adopted my level method to his graph… I can see I am getteing elements without firerating, dont know why, but I am sure you know why :slight_smile:

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I get what you are trying to do, but it is still not applying the families on level 1, although I will test it in a newer script, and 2 it is grabbing all of the walls from all Building Stories, so my guess is that on Level 1 you will have lines from Level 1, Level 3 and Top of wall, not just specific to the single current level.

Even with your modifications detail components are still not being added to Level 1

Fire Rating Script-by level.dyn (50.5 KB)

Good day fellow Dynamo users,

To make the script useble for our workflow, I have modified the script so it will place the lines by level.
Now I only need the lines to be placed with an offset next to the walls, but I can’t seem to make that happen.
It would be of great help if someone could help me in the right direction.

This looks like an interesting new topic. This one is already very long indeed. You can link yours to any post like so:
Thanks :slight_smile: