Trim offset curves

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Good day fellow Dynamo users,

I’m trying to trim my offset curves:

I tried the Geometry.Trim on various ways:

It would be of great help if someone could help me in the right direction.

Hello Wouter,

I hope you’ve been able to solve your problem, but it if you haven’t, it’s sad to see such a lonely post on it’s own, especially when you’re looking on the forum to solve a similar problem.

This one has been one of the most frustrating problems I’ve had in trying to solve a problem with dynamo, and there have been a few. But after a few more frustrating days I’ve managed to come up with a solution that suits my problem and may assist you. I was looking to offset a closed detail line into the internal space. ie offset walls to come up with a ceiling space etc, etc. first the Curve.Offset didn’t work very well, then if the angle was obtuse the offset lines didn’t meet or cross, and I couldn’t get Geometry.Trim to work.

So I re-looked at the problem and maybe it was better to use intersecting points, so I’ve come up with the following, with grateful assistance from Curve.IntersectAll from BimorphNodes, W Curve.Offset+ from Springs and Curves.EndPoints from Lunchbox to make a meal of it.
(I’m using Dynamo 2.0206833)
OFFSET_TRIM.dyn (38.9 KB)