DataShapes - curious about funcionalities

Hey guys, I have been working with Data Shapes to create easy UIs for my scripts. I know there is a function to select elements ( I would like to select a model line in my project). However, I was wondering if it possible to instead of selecting something that was already created if I could potentially allow my user to draw my model line after running my script.

Sorry, this might sound a bit confusing, but just for clarification imagine my user runs my script and then a window opens asking to draw an spline on my model that would be used as my element input in data shapes input. I made a simple diagram:

thanks :slight_smile:

The way that Dynamo works leveraging the idle event, I do not believe would allow you to run a native Revit command while a graph is actively running. Same reason a graph hangs if there is an active command or dialog running when Running pressed.


Thanks @SeanP for the explanation. (Sorry I am so new at this). It is cool to know about this info for the near future and next projects :slight_smile:

At the end, I ended up using the “Select Elements in Order” feature from DataShapes to create something good enough (probably even more intuitive with that first idea!)

Thanks so much!

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