Filter views to add on sheets

Which nodes have to be used to filter views there are e in the project browser to add on the sheets?
I create a excel with some information and I want to add in some sheet specific views, but dynamos uses the list of views from revit.

@pedroSU62A How about this? :slight_smile:

list of views should come from the excel file. if i add in the code block the column with the names of the views i want in the excel file doesnt work

Can you show us the output of the getitematindex node?

Test 5 views.xlsx (8.2 KB)
Test 5 views.dyn (25.7 KB)

It works for me… Here is an edited version of your file: Test 5 views - edited.dyn (17.6 KB) . Can you try it and show the error message it gives you?

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Hi Mostafa,
something wrong happens.
see attached the problem
Revit creates all the sheets but only one is correct with the parameters and the views. all of the the basement.


ok this means that at least one of the view names from your excell sheet doesnt exist in your view list…

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Yes, it is correct.
I got it, i was checking everything and one view was missed.
But it works.

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can you please mark the post as solved?