Assign values to view from excell

as new member I can’t upload the file, I hope the screenshot will be clear enough.
-I want to create a file excell with all the sheets I need to prepare
-in dynamo I read the file and I managed to work with lists
-I don’t understand how to select multiple views to include in the sheet.

any help?

Hi @paolo.gamba

Are you trying place multiple views in one sheet?

yes, but through the excell file!
I tried with list.create, but no success, it looks very instable, is that the problem (reading excell htrough dynamo to revit) or the way I created the dyn instruction?

Could you show us preview of inputs (SheetName & Number) which your connecting.

probably as today is friday it seems working better! haha

I would like to add multiple views to my sheet list (managed in excell), without selecting manually each view.


the problem is data type. What you get from excel is a string while the input needed is an object of type view.

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As tina said, be sure that your input to the node matches the node.

You can get the desired view by comparing your Excel input with the view name, see picture below.
Note DanEDU node is optional and just to prevent warnings and the use of levels on the IndexOf node.

Hope it helps!

ViewByName.dyn (7.6 KB)

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mmmm unfortunately is not very clear… I mean: is clear what your dyn is supposed to do (and what I see from your screenshot) but as soon as I used in my revit file it doesn’t.
as you can see i got this index -1 that I don’t understand, besides the fact I don’t get how you assign the correct view caetgory to excel name.


  1. in you revit file you have floorplans/sections/3dviews you excel you have the name of the view (kitchen / 3d)
  2. how do you select the category floorplans/ 3d views and associate the new name caoming from excel?

thank you for helping me!

Looks like you need to switch the inputs in “IndexOf” and then remember to set the list level.

Hi paolo,

Try to switch the inputs to “IndexOf” (See my previous screenshot or .dyn file)

Also, try to change your levels on the “IndexOf” node.
See image below.