Filter Vertical Pipe

i have a script i’m working on that assigns a pipes reference level to a project parameter I’ve created so i can then schedule out my pipes by level. When i run it, it assigns a value to my riser pipes (vertical pipes with slope of not computed) that i don’t want (i.e. many of them are referenced to my cellar level) since this would then add that length of pipe to my cellar schedule and not on a riser schedule, which is how i’m trying to break out my pipe schedules. does anyone have any suggestions on how best to achieve this? I’m new to Dynamo so not exactly sure the correct approach, or if this is even possible.

I assume you’re already filtering your pipes by level. Just do the same thing with slope to filter out the risers first.

no i’m not filtering by level, its currently set up to grab all pipes and just translate the reference level value inherit to the pipe itself to the custom project parameter ive created so i can then filter my pipe schedules using that value. it works perfect but just for my riser pipes im not looking for it to do that, i want to then be able to assign a custom value (“RISER”) to those instead so those pipes are grouped separately. this is what i have so far.

Same solution still applies. Get the slope of your pipe and filter by “Not Computed” first. Then assign levels to the rest of your pipes. You can even assign your vertical pipes as “Risers” at this point.

Try selecting the pipe, extract the element location and use line direction on the curves

i understand the concept but i’m just not sure what blocks i need to accomplish this. this is the first of only a few scripts i’ve really ever tried building.

Look through the forum. Try searching for similar topics on filtering elements. This is a very common process. I’d also highly recommend you go through the Dynamo Primer to get familiar with all the basics.

okay thanks.