Pull Parameter From Adjacent Elements

Does anyone know if it is possible to have Dynamo look at for example a pipe fitting and have it look to the pipe segment before and after and see what a certain parameter value is for each and then decide what value to assign to the pipe fitting? What i want to do is assign a “Scheduled Level” value to my pipe fittings that exist on a pipe riser with a value of “Riser” (which the pipe before and after would have as the value of scheduled level) and for fittings in the horizontal runs assign it to the appropriate level value (“Level 1” for fittings that have pipes before and after it with scheduled level values of Level 1). I’m trying to schedule my fittings on risers separately from the ones on each floor but there isn’t any “Not Computed” slope value, like there is for pipe, that would allow me to easily identify these element and tag them different from the others. Any other suggestions on how to achieved this are also welcome, this is just the first path i thought to try and go down.

Look at MEPover ang Genius.Loci packages.