Request for pipe visibility during modeling


So i’m a plumbing engineer, the issue i’m having is that i have a multi story building I’m working on, the view range is getting a bit tricky, I need it to be high enough to see the water/gas supply pipes running in the ceiling and low enough to see the sewer pipes running below that floor, but i don’t wanna see the sewer pipes of the above floor running in that same ceiling space.

I know i can use filters and such to hide certain pipes and systems, but I was wondering if anyone knows of a Dynamo script or macro that I can use that will allow me control of the visibility what i see in a given ceiling space and below floor, So that I will only see the water/gas/sewer lines related only to that floor, and not any others. Or if not Dynamo any other way this may be achieved?

Thank you.

Hey Razly,

I know some plumbing designers who assign different worksets to their pipes/fixtures based on which floor they are serving (ie First Floor Plumbing, Second Floor Plumbing, …). They then use their view templates to “Hide” all plumbing worksets which pertain to all the different floors they are not concerned with. This way you only see the plumbing associated with your floor and not the pipes/fixtures on the floor above.

You may be able to speed up the process using Dynamo to filter and select pipes depending on their floor or location in the project and assign them a specific workset, or you could even use Dynamo to apply preselected view templates to your views to hide any unwanted pipes/worksets depending on their associated levels.

Thanks for the response,

just moved to a new company and inherited this project, so am hesitant to changing their worksets till i’m more familiar with how this place does things, that’s why i was looking for a different method. I’ll see if i can play around with dynamo and follow your guidance.

Thank you :slight_smile:

try the view filter?