Measuring with dynamo (MEP)

I’m trying to do some measures only on the pipes per level. I managed to “count” the horizontal pipes since they have a reference level, filter them and then give the lenght. My main problem is the vertical one. Since I can have a vertical pipe from ground to top floor, I wanted to know if it is possible to “cut them” inside dynamo so he can tell me the legth of that pipe between the height 0 (floor 0) and 3,5m (floor 1), and do that to every floor with different heights.


I would try a geometry intersection. You could get the bounding box geometry for each level (floor to floor) and intersect that with the centerline geometry of all your pipe and pipe fittings. That should group the curves by level. Then you just need to sum the lengths to get the total curve length (pipe length) per floor.

thanks, I’ll try that! Dynamo is stuck at “run started” and it won’t update the elements number :frowning: It seems like a common problem

Could be taking a while if you have a lot of elements or it could be stuck. Also make sure that you don’t have a command running in Revit.

no, I only have 29 pipes in this test model. No, i don’t … And i’m just getting “mad” with this problem, because i need to do work and I can’t

If some of your inputs are incorrect types it could be locking up or crashing. An image of your graph would be helpful.

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He drags out this process in all scripts. I have a few and all of them got stucked in “run started” even though I work with it almost in a daily base. I just uninstalled to install again, maybe this “old” solution may fixed it

I suggest to change the title of this thread…

“He” who? As stated before, potentially posting your graph COULD help solve your problem.

no need, i just uninstalled it. I appearead in that moment and now its solved, i guess.

I was already unnistalling it at that time. It’s working fine now. thanks