Filter specific points

Hey I have beaches of Point that I want to just pick the points that are on exterior side,
anyone knows how can I filter it for auto dimension?

Hola Amigo @nia98bim buenas. can I propose a different approach? In the GeniusLoci Package there is an interesting node “Wall Edges References” that groups the walls into Edges, References, Inetrior, Exterior, Vertical and Horizontal (Frankly a genius), and then it is only a question of asking for the initial and final points of each edge and filtering based on the Z point to find and group those that are at the same level, I hope this is useful.

Hi, Thank you for your response .
it’s ok but the thing is, we can not to have seprate lines to create auto dimension,
I have been attached the file if you want you can see it’s work but in door and windows placement doesn’t work!

thanks again
dimesionauto.dyn (42.2 KB)