Problem with filled region creation

Hi everyone, I am starting in Dynamo and I am with a problem.
I need to create filled region at top level and bottom level of structural columns.
I found the lines of perimeters of top face and bottom face but I can’t use them to do perimeter of filled region.
Can you help me? I don’t know where I am missing.

You need to use the Views node to select a view that accepts annotation, as an input of the FilledRegion.ByCurves node


Oh thanks Yna, I was using the level name…
I need use the view name…
It’s working now.
Thanks a lot!

Hi people, the script above is filtering the list by count of elements. With Yna’s help the script can design the filled region but only to rectangle structural columns. I need filter in only top and bottom surface. I am thinking about to compare z coordinates at start and end point of curves and after to filter in only sublists than have the same value for all members of sublist. Is possible find all lists ALL TRUE in a collection of sublists?. How can I do it?

Surface.FilterByOrientation from Clockwork could probably help

Thanks again Yna…
i found a form to filter top and bottom surfaces… With this node is very easy but it was good to learn…