Filled Region by Room Boundary

I am trying to create filled regions based on room boundaries. I have had a moderate amount of success with the attached script. It seems to run OK when used on an Imperial Units Revit file, but when run on a Metric file, the regions are scaled up. I have tried scaling the boundary vectors down but there seems to be some internal rounding that makes the scaling non-uniform in the X and Y directions. Any suggestions?



I see the same thing. Dynamo is applying a conversion when getting data via the Python node (since the API works off Imperial units I suppose it’s trying to “correct” for units). It’s scaling everything by 304.8 when the units are set to metric millimeters, by 30.48 when units are set to centimeters, by 0.3048 when units are set to meters. This shouldn’t be behaving this way. EDIT: Actually the problem happens anytime units are not set to Feet.